The Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) was photographed by Sanjay Prasad Ganguly whilst on expedition, in Valparai.
Endemic to the Western Ghats, their numbers have dropped to only 2,500 individuals, a population rapidly decreasing due to habitat destruction and fragmentation.

Sanjay gives us the cause of his capture:

“This alpha male sat silently looking over his troupe as they foraged on the ground next to a very busy mountain road. Every few minutes our hearts skipped a beat as we cringed in horror every time an irresponsible driver thundered past stray individuals.
I felt a sense of responsibility as this enigmatic creature stared unblinkingly as if to say, “Look what you’ve done to my world”.
A gaze so heavy with emotions; a gaze that speaks the words conservationists around the world preach every day.”

(You can explore more of his marvellous work here.
SHOUT! has marvelled at it for a while now.)



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