The Trans-ition

Kari knows clothes alone can’t change the world.

Still, they’re crucial. Because the people who wear them will.

And so, she styles them.

If life isn’t perfect, an outfit sure can be.

As a transgender empowered with a fluid sense of style, she can primp a woman just as well as a man, laying bare that looking good isn’t self-importance, it’s self-respect.

It’s also self-expression. Because fashion has to reflect who you are.

Perhaps its most powerful tool is visibility; and with this comes advocacy.

As clothes build confidence, they cause change. In corners. In communes. In cultures. In civilizations.

In the cosmos, even.

Kari wants to spearhead that transition.

And fashion is her spear.


Human beings are fundamentally different.
If you’re looking for uniformity, you’d basically have nowhere to look to.
In fact, you won’t find that consistency within one being even.
We’re new every day. Sometimes, at different points of the day as it progresses.
Making a transition of sorts from who we were yesterday or a minute ago.
Fashion marks these moments of change – as we renew, rediscover and reposition ourselves in a world that’s just as dynamic.
We changeover to define and reflect that changeover.
Very often, it takes us back in time – a vintage, evergreen sense of style.

The art of fashion is therefore, the truest imitation of our immediate realities.
The story of today.
A depiction of life.
Which is a continuous transition, as we know it.

People like Kari are the reason we evolve as a people.
The reason we grow to accept all sorts of variations within and amongst ourselves.
We’re born different. We dress different. We even wear the same things differently. Fashion highlights that difference and makes it every bit worth detailing and discussing. Celebrating, even.
Kari has fought to be who she is and remain so.
If that’s not a story, nothing is.
And fortunately for the world, she’s found a field that lets her hold her own.
Fashion is about being yourself.
Over and above making a style statement or dressing to impress or living up to a standard.
And it doesn’t have to make sense. Even to yourself. Because it’s a feeling.
Feelings come about. You dress like how you feel. And you’ve made your own fashion.
Simple, complex, personal, random process.
So unpredictably human.

Fashion is also our wildest fantasy.
Everything we hope to wear and have. And own.
When we do, the world is a better place and you can suddenly, take it on.
Style matters. It’s important to look good. You owe it to the world for everything it gives to you.

An outfit is a story. Not an easy one to tell. But a story, nevertheless.
When a designer tells it, it helps to listen because it’s usually a very deep reflection of who we are and what we have come to be – starkly different from who we once were or just the same.
Kari makes a splash with her sense of style.
It’s a feast – soft and loud, a wardrobe full of SHOUT!s.
Let her dress you up!
With your difference, may be you can make one.


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