There’s more things going around the Sun than we think. I’m going to find this 10th planet. I know it’s got to be here somewhere.

“Where in this vastness do you lie oh little Sedna?
Also, how did you not get counted in from the very start? Were you tossed over outside your orbit? Did you just want some time off from your kind like I do?
It’s okay, you can talk to me. I’m not in my orbit either. We should all consider drifting away at intervals.

Appear little Sedna!
It can’t be so hard to spot your reddish glow!

Are you even in a circular orbit around the Sun like the other 9?
I hear you’re in a massively elongated one. That it takes you 10000 years to circle the Sun!
Well, how am I ever going to find you if you’re so far away – three times further than Neptune is from the Sun?”

The thought of traversing that distance exhausts me.

My mission to find the dwarf planet dwarfs into a dream.
But a dream is no dwarf.
In it, I see life, larger than I have ever known.

“Sedna is inhabited by creatures like us but yet so different.

Arachnoids. These spider-like robots that are a tad reclusive, a touch clannish, seem stuck-up but are really only stuck within themselves.

Octobibs. They’re basically ‘tentacled’ humans. They wear many hats, multi-task. They’re pretty flexible. The only ones the Arachnoids would ever talk to if they got sick of themselves.

Reptecons. Sincere and strange. Sometimes, their words are venomous but these reptile robots aren’t here to harm anybody. They try to mess around with the Arachnoids every now and then but the Octobibs intervene and neutralize the poison spewed.

Tortoids. Slow to change, they don’t quite subscribe to the open, fast, free-wheeling nature of The Octobibs. They just want to take it slow. The Reptecons understand and keep the Octobibs at bay. Time almost halts with the Tortoids and leisure finds home.

Piscans. They think as deep as they swim. Everyone other than the Arachnoids love it when they surface (but they rarely do.) For their journey far from home is a mystery and not an escape into the coziness of what’s within.”

Hmm…that’s an interesting dilemma.
To go outside or go within?
To go within by going outside?
To stay in and look within?
To go outside and look beyond?

They’ve got their bit of mean and nice, cryptic and clear, fast and slow, agitators and peacekeepers, solid and fluid.
They seem to be pulling through, together, just fine.

If Little Sedna got that, why didn’t we?

I wake up with a shake.
So Sedna really isn’t so little after all.
It’s only far.
Much like we are from being like its creatures.
Someday, we’ll find this 10th planet.


(This piece was conceptualized by Rahul Bhandare. He writes and draws and spurs a SHOUT! over and over again!)



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