A Revolution In Letters


X dropped out of college when she’d had enough of the prevalent state of education. Wanting to change its fate, she exchanges letters with her pen pal, Professor Gyaan.

Now while that does make her an ex-student of this flawed system, she’s still a student. A curious cat. A learner, for life, with vengeful purpose to turn things around.

At the heart of education, is a teacher and a learner. Hence, the Professor’s answerable. And he’s responsible, to initiate that exchange; to fire up the future; to effect that very vital transformation; to usher in that revolution, in letters even, if that’s square one.


Hey Prof. Gyaan, I admire your spirit in letting me take the lead. It wasn’t until I’d studied with a friend that I realized: When...


Prof. Gyaan, Eep! I’ve leaped. There’s no safety net. No harness. There is a landing, I know. A crash or a creamy one. Right now,...


Mighty Messy X, Education is meant to be this process where you find who you are. You’d have to give credit to our shoddy system for...