Treasure Trove


Objects have stories. Structures have stories. All complex material constructs have stories. Kagan possesses the superhuman capacity to extract these upon touch.

The mutant has only to make physical contact with an artifact or a relic or a monument to discover its substance.

Kagan isn’t the only freak around. After all, Witches and Wizards made these works of Art.

As he dives right into their narratives, incidentally travelling through time and space, the wizardry in design, the witchcraft in architecture, the devil in the details and the sorcery of the art we live in and are surrounded by are revealed to him.

Touch this Treasure Trove and it’s yours!


I often touch things that show me a story of the past - its past. Very often, these things touch me. The visual stays...


Location: The Strait of Gibraltar Point of Contact: A jewel ensnared in a solitary coral on the seabed, deep in the water.   The Blue underworld is...


Location: The Kalidasa Memorial in Ramtek, Nagpur. Point of Contact: An old-stone gazebo in the courtyard from where you can stare into the wild blue...


Location: The Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara. Point of Contact: A painting of Raja Ravi Varma. Or two. Promiscuity is a multilayered word. When a woman adopts...