The Pitch

SHOUT! is a new-age journalism network adopting emerging media and creating original content that resonates with a wide audience. Stemmed from a web platform, our innovative characters now narrate stories through articles, comics, and podcasts. With a proven track record in readership, and expertise in new technology, we aim to deliver high quality, original, and thought provoking content to our subscribers at an affordable price.

So, we’re supposed to make a case for ourselves.
Why we should be around? Why you should be interested in us? Why you should be reading what we’re
feeding you? Why, amidst the clamour of available content on the web, we’re worth your time?
And to all your ‘Why’s, here’s one right back at you:
Why should anything good have to make a case for itself?
Give us a shot. Read what we’re offering. See for yourself.
Why should you pay to read it?
Well, why should anything worth your time be available for free.
Quality opinion and commentary set us apart.
Our storytelling sets us apart.
Our ability to evoke empathy sets us apart.
It sets you apart when you read it.
That’ll be all.