The Overcooked Entrepreneur


The Turkish Kiss is a kiss on both cheeks. It brings people together.

You know what else does?


And when it’s good, it also brings good times.

It’s not rational. And that’s why you count the memories; not the calories.

It’s a mirror of society.

It’s culture, habit, craving and identity. Because it traces our divergent histories and opens new futures.

Vicky and Arya dream of running their own restaurant. The siblings want to kiss every customer with Turkish delights; turn Bombay dizzy with Turkey’s rich culinary tradition.

And so they round up one ingredient at a time to bring their dream to fruition.

Sometimes the cookie crumbles to powder. Other times it melts in their mouth.

It’s thrilling and trying, this start-up. And it’s bouncy and backbreaking, this business of beginnings.

A high-powered brother-sister duo. A nutty city. A no-piece-of-cake enterprise. A temperamental economic environment. The games they play. The humour in labour!

Let’s see if the Turkish Kiss lingers…

Like they say, you never lose in business. Either you win or you learn.


All things are difficult before they are easy. Business, in particular. And entrepreneurship is often about bouncing back when the world has concluded that your goose is cooked.
Business is a bloody affair.
You’re surrounded by bloodsuckers. Sometimes you become one yourself.
It is often the domain of the bloodthirsty because you so badly wish to build what you yearn for even if you burn yourself out in the bargain.
And it’s bloody rewarding!
Vicky and Arya are bound by blood.
The same blood that buttresses their backbone for business.

The siblings inhabit the world’s most chaotic, crowded and charming industry – Food.
Feeding people is a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
Be that as it may, these two believe they have the chops to take it on.
To run a restaurant that leaves a good taste in every visitor’s mouth.

Business, after all, is about belief.
And when you want it so bloody bad, you go way beyond what you ever thought was within you and within your reach.
And then of course, it’s about economics and ethics and society and responsibility.

Vicky and Arya are the quintessential brother-sister gang – united in quarrels.
They will build a team and with the luck that works when they do, every dream.
Their chalk and cheese personas could be their biggest boon and biggest bain.
A SHOUT! though, whether at one another or for one another, makes them better at their business.
There are days when the food is uncooked; days when they’re overcooked,
But hopefully, it will lead to days when they’re overbooked.
And yet again, they will be overcooked.
Entrepreneurship is the story behind every SHOUT! that comes from frustration, confusion, resolution, accomplishment, satisfaction and above all overcoming.

Often, just when they think they will perish,
They shall overcome,
And the contrasting but complementary pair will continue to nourish.
If the purpose of business is profit.
this one will benefit us all.



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