Campaign Supernova


When we are exploding with the need to SHOUT! for a cause, we burst into a campaign.
Hopefully, it doesn’t result in a hollow, black hole.
Gravity wakes us up to the urgency.
The burn is felt.
The light shines on; its luminosity increasing as more of us merge into it.
And then one day, the cause isn’t one anymore.
A star rises higher – a higher collective consciousness.


The name obviously resonates.
A “Champagne Supernova” is a drink, a cocktail of simple ingredients.
And Oasis rocked us with this song – a 90’s rage that made everyone want to be found “in the sky”.
Around the world, it’s also the name of pubs and clubs and societies.
When it’s so many things to so many different people, “What’s (Our) Story, Morning Glory?”
To us, it’s an anthem,
to explode into a campaign for the things screaming for attention because they ought to;
to draw your attention to a burning star for that very reason – it’s burning.

May be, when we’ve all drunk the drink and sung the song,
to swallow the urgency of being “caught beneath a landslide” and put in a word and an act to make it better,
We’ll find ourselves drinking a pint and singing “in the sky” in times that are in fact brighter.
That “Someday” arrives soon. Because our sight is forever set on a star.


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