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SHOUT! is the story of us. Our trials and tussles. Our tests and triumphs. Our trysts and tales. A goulash of every ingredient of us. A narrative of everything that matters. Recounted by those it matters to. Ultimately, journalism is all storytelling. Perhaps, the first draft of history; literature, in a hurry even. Although fictitious, these characters are relatable and remarkably real.

And they tell us our truth.

Quirky or queer, SHOUT! wants a free, informed society that can tell, right on, what it is and is not.

SHOUT! in a shot.

When you shout, your voice is at an abnormal decibel. It’s odd. It’s incongruous with the ideals of propriety and decorum. It’s out of line.

The SHOUT! Network is thoroughly and dependably out of line. All the while shoring up journalism’s virtues of independence, integrity and empathy.

SHOUT! is the naughty kid at school who rattles the class, unimpeded by codes. You can’t muffle the brat for breaking the rules, because she shakes you with a freaky disruption; a twist in the tale; a fresh perspective. Sure you could kick her out of class. But you’ll always bring the devil back because the spirit and the humour and the spunk spring from her.

Everything matters. And for everything that matters, there is a voice that shouts to hook our heed. When you listen, a storybook of reality roars into your ears. This is us. Entertaining, quick, sharp, sassy, provocative, fascinating, wacky, quirky, funny, intense, stirred, liberated, feisty, dynamic, honest us. And we exist, tangled in a web, as one.

Come, find your own SHOUT! For Everything that Matters.

SHOUT! in a flash.

SHOUT! is journalism gone wild. It’s a network of stories from our times told peculiarly. Because everything that matters must have a voice. A loud one at that.