You need an eye on the inside to make great Art. It is how photographers see a photograph before clicking it. There is a moment when the mind, the vista and the button click. That synchronicity makes it a sure shot.

Every capture is a moment frozen in time; a feeling that is evoked; an energy that regenerates every time we look at it.

The spirit of The Eye mingles with this energy. The eye guides. The eye gives. The eye waits. And then, when the right moment arrives, the eye urges and nudges and pushes. The body responds by seizing one moment of beauty or brutality – both of which are simply reality.

This is the voice of The Eye.

It is a story with spirit in a single, certain, crucial visual.

It is the story of an Art.

A force flows when The Eye opens and hence, a soul…


Photography has everything to do with ‘The Eye’. It’s what you look at, and then, what you, in fact, see. It is a story that often can’t be put into words. Yet, we make that attempt here – a story with a visual, the complete circle of experiencing an image, without you being there, corporeally, beholding the encircling reality of it yourself.

Although photographs have a grammar of their own, we want to tell why our ‘Eye’ saw what it saw and thought it was worth keeping, then and there, in that moment, for eternity.
We observe so much. How can we tell apart that one, remarkable instant that must be preserved? And, more importantly, how can we be so sure of that shot?

The answer comes from a nudge within. It is the ‘Why’ of the ‘When’. When it arrives, an impulse triggers your finger to pull that trigger by pushing a button.

A photograph is taken. The world is held. A story is told.
Here, it is SHOUT!ed to deliver the immensity of an impression the image was taken to make. There is power in this image, there is spirit, there is resilience, there is humanity, there is patience, there is precision, there is ease, there is a sureness of ‘The Eye’, there is an instinct that’s hard to come by and yet, it isn’t.


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