Look, there are going to be days when you don’t feel like getting up, dressing up, showing up and never giving up. You’re in bed, you’ve given up. It’s happened.

The last thing you want to do is walk into your closet or stick your head into your cupboard and look for a staggering and striking and powerful outfit that makes you appear ready to take on the world. You’re simply just not ready to take on the world. Then why fake it? You can use another day to slay. Today you can just be your way.

On record, these are the days you want to forget. They never happened, Ideally, you’d sleep through them. Very often though, you have to acknowledge that the day is in fact taking place. That it didn’t get cancelled. That you can’t ‘just go back to sleep”.

Sometimes, even if it tries really hard, even if you want to, the alarm can’t snooze anymore. It hollers and howls for attention till you give it a reaction. So, when you’ve sprawled and slouched and expanded and contracted and loafed and lolled enough, you muster the hardly possible strength to swing your feet off the bed, put them on the bedroom floor and still some more impossible strength to stand up and take a shower because you have to take on the day.

When you finally do make it to your cave of clothes, in your head you’ve literally got two options: rags and more rags. Loose, baggy, comfortable, cozy, cushy (the kind that still makes you feel like you’re in bed – snug as a bug in a rug) garb. Most of us would reach straight for the Dinosaur sweatshirt. The one you’ve had since school and miraculously still fit into. Or the one you got for a great bargain at a street market. I’d pair it with some low-waist, ankle-length denims. Sweatshirts work with joggers as well.

Try the ‘clean white shirt, light trousers and a pair of sneakers’ combination. Wear your hair in a bun or a loose ponytail. May be you decide to French braid your hair while you’re at work.

Muscle tees and harem pants and flats. Go all black and let your flats be funky. Bag it with a crossbody bag or even a cotton tote bag if you’ve got to run and do some grocery shopping (perhaps the very reason you had to drag yourself out of bed in the first place).

If your day requires you to have any formal interactions with other beings of the human race, pull out a pair of culottes and a crop top. You want to show the high-waisted band of these bottoms and seem like you put some thought into piecing the two together. Sandals should work just fine.

Mom jeans go well with a tucked in tee or tank top. A simple braid, may be a fedora and that’s a pretty neat look.

You might feel like shorts even. Pick a khaki, mid-rise, everyday pair of shorts and I’m sure you’ll find a casual tee to go with it. You could also dig out a pair of denim shorts and wear a camouflage short-sleeve t-shirt on top. Comfortable, rugged, breezy, effortless but steamy nonetheless.

The sloppy tees, the ones you float in because they’re double your size; the ones you sometimes wear over your pajama pants. I think it’s okay, just this once (or may be twice or thrice), for days like these, to throw them on with skinny jeans or leggings or jeggings. But promise me you’ll comb your hair out or at least set it right!

That’s it. That’s just about all the leeway you get. That’s just about as lazy as you can be.

Tomorrow, you’re going hard or going home! (Aahhh! Preferably, not again. Definitely, not again).




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