(We’re still Talking Tagore with this TOUCH. That’s how much he has touched us…)

Location: A library in Eastern India.

Point of Contact: The delicate pages of a sepia-toned book with the writings of Rabindranath Tagore.


The Himalayas fill my eyes. I could be standing before them. Anyone reading this smidgen from Tagore could be:


“In the youth of the world, Himalaya, you sprang from the rent breast of the earth, hurled your burning challenges to the sun, hill after hill. Then came the mellow time when you said to yourself, “No more, no further!” and your fiery heart, that raged for the freedom of clouds, found its limits, and stood still to salute the limitless. After this check on your passion, beauty was free to play upon your breast, and trust surrounded you with the joy of flowers and birds.

You sit in your solitude like a great reader, on whose lap lies open some ancient book with its countless pages of stone. What story is written there, I wonder? – is it the eternal wedding of the divine ascetic, Shiva, with Bhavani, the divine love? – the drama of the Terrible wooing the power of the Frail?”


Mountains, without moving an inch, move so much within us. Primarily, we finally and rightly realize that we’re so small. It’s humbling to see even mountains find their limits. And then you enjoy, admire and sustain the beauty around you.

This one is nearly in Heaven. Which makes it both the abode of divine beings and a canvas for divine stories. And from these, the larger lesson is a familiar one: All that is tough, strong, resilient, forceful and formidable will be balanced out by the soft, sensitive, delicate, serene and simply pleasing. That the extremities and therefore, an equilibrium can be found in one place, one person, one power, on one shared, strange, free but limited Earth.

May be we can all be mountains, for ourselves and one another. We can stop and yet keep growing. The scope, it seems, is limitless…Our stores are always being written…

Tagore has this immensity and intensity. There’s far too much in his words – height, depth, breadth – The Himalayan Range itself.





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