Point of Contact: Believe it or not, a Red Lipstick is what I’ve pulled out of the treasure chest before me. My touch is confused as it can’t put its finger on the one person this belongs to – perhaps, it’s the property of many!


A Red Lipstick is the pride, joy and retreat of women who find strength in wearing this particularly solid shade.

The love of Red is a unanimous one. On a woman’s lips, it’s a decision – to be bold, listened to and unforgettable. That Crimson pout ensures you’re in charge.

To a lot of women, it’s a solution to a bad day, a bad moment, confusion, starting the day, a confrontation, misery and more. When she dabs some Red on, she’s basically yelled, “Bring it on!” and in an instant she transforms into this “ready to take on the world” fireball.

Red is hope, Red is reviving, Red is a bloody reversal.

Red Lipstick has an interestingly turbulent past. It’s been banned and blamed. And yet, despite every attempt to blacken its image and block it out, it has never lost colour.

There’s a certain mystery about a woman who decides to wear Red Lipstick. You can never make sense of her. But you will notice her, you will want to get to know her, you will want to hear what she has to say and you will learn that there isn’t simply one kind of woman who sports it. The versatility and universality of this particular cosmetic is stunning!

Women feel power when their lips are bathed in rouge. The very act of applying Red Lipstick is empowering. But do they wear it to feel strong? Or do they already feel strong and able to carry it off and hence, decide to wear it? That’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation I’ll let myself tarry over…

Meanwhile, go watch a woman wearing Red. Her mouth will always matter.



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