Kanha Tiger Reserve,
Madhya Pradesh,
January, 2005

“Now, he turned and walked slowly in the direction of the tigress…She was still lying in the same position, and at first took no notice of his approach, but as he drew nearer she turned to face him, then crouched as if to spring. The male strode slowly as if in studied indifference to her presence, while the body of his spouse seemed to sink gradually into the ground as she flattened herself as a cat does on the near approach of its prey.

With blazing eyes, ears laid back, and twitching tail, her attitude for the moment was anything but that of the loving wife. Waiting till the tiger was within a few paces, she sprang towards him as if bent on his annihilation, lifted a forepaw, and gently patted him on the side of his face. Then she raised her head and obviously kissed him.

To these symptoms of affection the male at first seemed rather indifferent, but when she rubbed herself against his legs and playfully bit them, he condescendingly lay down, and a mock battle ensued between the two beautiful animals. This was conducted in absolute silence, save for the occasional soft “click” of teeth meeting when the widely opened jaws came in contact with each other.

Sometimes locked in a close embrace, playfully kicking each other with their hind feet, sometimes daintily sparring with their fore-paws, they rolled about thus, for nearly a quarter of an hour.”

This symbol of lithe physical beauty, strength, stealth and speed, makes for an enchanting lover.
Endearing indeed, but deadly!



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