Kanha Tiger Reserve,
Madhya Pradesh,
February, 2005


“She was gorgeous. The most stunning thing I’ve ever seen. Young and fiercely free. Somewhere, in the copper green of her eyes, I found a farrago of curiosity and contempt.

All she wanted was to find a place to stretch her bones.

Once a log had served her lengthening, she strutted beside our jeep.

Being stalked on level ground by a tigress is a mesmerizing experience. The greatest of all big cats measures her steps and approaches you ever so slowly, and you can hear your heart pounding as the hair on the nape of your neck stands on end.

One more puncturing look to rupture my heart, and she melted away into the thicket of the forest, like wildfire.”

The eyes of the tiger – the brightest of any animal on Earth.

What a tragedy and a terrible dereliction of duty it would be, if we allowed that magical fire to burn out.



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