Sukanya, our athlete gets some recommendations on resting those ants in her pants from our in-house expert on inertia, George.


TBA: Look at you! You do it so gracefully!

TTO: Do what?

TBA: The lazy bit.

TTO: Oh yeah, it’s a cultivated talent. I wasn’t born passive. I remember being quite a hyper kid. Gradually, as life happened, I realized just how much I could contribute to the world by laying horizontal on my couch. The more I lounged, the better I got at it…

TBA: Really? Just how much are you contributing to the world by lying here?

TTO: Well, for starters, I eat a lot of starters on it and that sort of starts up my imagination. I’m fed with so many ideas that I immediately reach for the phone with ready conversation starters with whoever I want to start them with.

TBA: Inspiring! How do you bring yourself to it as often as you do?

TTO: Well, I don’t really get off so I rarely have to bring myself back. I’m stretched and sprawled. In my head, it’s a conscious and continuous state of Yoga…

TBA: Wow, spiritual…

TTO: For all those times you can’t go to bed in bed, the couch is even a cure for insomnia. You just switch on a mind-numbing TV show or read something dark, desperate, depressing or descriptive and before you know it, you’re in a dream.

TBA: That seems pretty accurate. Sleep is a challenge when you’re forced into bed with so much of that restless energy inside.

TTO: I’d go as far as to say the couch is a catharsis of sorts. With all my weight bearing down on it, at least I’m not pouring it out onto the world.

TBA: Hmm…saving the world by not sharing stress and strain, are we?

TTO: There’s enough out in the open, it’s okay to keep some of it inside.

TBA: Caught up on a couch with just so much!

TTO: In a slightly raised recline, I see my belly go up and down, breath flowing through my body and it’s nice to know I’m alive!

TBA: Let me start with that: just breathing. Haven’t tried that in a while.

TTO: Sure. Get on that couch and let it all go!

(This was before George decided to go from potato to peel. He still loves his couch and indulges his lazybones every now and then.)



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