The Art Huntress


Kaali was born and raised in the aesthetic town of Mahabalipuram. Her folks often quip that she danced before she could walk.

Ushered into the boundless world of classical dance as a child, she has pledged her life to Art.

When on the prowl, this Art Huntress perceives that there is one pursuit that makes you lose yourself and find yourself, all at once.

Here, she traces that last form of magic…


There are a few easy things in life.
Art is not one of them.
Nonetheless, it sure is the most fulfilling.
It’s where your heart lies – an easy choice to make when you have to decide where to go.

No matter how daunting and disconcerting, it does you a world of good and the world a world of good.
When you’re the saddest kind of sad, the happiest kind of happy, when you feel so out of your depth or when you’re up on a cloud, when you’re challenged and uncomfortable – those are the precise moments when Art is born. And it’s for anyone and everyone to adopt.

Above and beyond calibre, creativity needs crisis. It needs chaos. And in the midst of it all, it needs a calm that only comes by if an artist is hungry enough; hunting enough.

Every artist has a story in making the difficult habitual, the habitual easy, and the easy beautiful.
So that it seems effortless.
And although the effortless act is an artful deception, it stays with you long after you’ve witnessed it.

On her artistic journey, Kaali hunts down flowers in full bloom.
It’s one of the simplest, purest, prettiest forms of Art nature offers.
Songs are sung in praise of it, paintings are painted, inspired from it, dances are danced to depict it, poetry is written to honour it and a whole lot of art forms are engaged in its unique portrayal.
If a flower blooms once, it goes on blooming somewhere forever. It blooms on for whoever has seen it blooming. That is the bounty and the beauty of nature. It is Art. And its indefatigable promise.

Stories of and from Kaali keep the flowers blooming and preserve a memory, a feeling, Art that must flourish in nature, on land, in human hearts.

Art will always need champions. A voice that speaks for it. Even when it speaks for itself. Trajectories that must be traced, acknowledged, appreciated and most vitally, supported. Each one’s own – inimitably beautiful.

You tear your heart open when you SHOUT! and bare it all.
That’s how Art is done.
A successful hunt pierces flesh and bone, slicing skin, revealing the core.
Art does that.
It turns you inside out.
May be you live to tell the tale.
Of course you do. You live more than anyone else. You thrive.
We write it down and belt it out.
And then you live forever.
Art does that.


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