War is a waste.
And Land is full of them.
It is part of the reason I chose space.
Out here, the darkness comes with peace.
Down there, the darkness comes with noise, injustice and savagery.

War is a waste.
Where a few seek glory and often find death.
Where women are its most unfortunate victims.
It’s not just a result of flawed systems.
But a consequence of eroding wisdom.

War is a waste.
That I wish more could escape.
But then again, shouldn’t war be the one to escape?
How long before more women can feel as free as me?
How long before lives are repurposed with peaceful pursuits?
How long before the Pale Blue Dot stops being bathed in blood red?

War is a waste.
Some women flee, not necessarily free.
Some women are waiting for freedom to arrive.
Is the fight in the wait or the escape?
Both, I’d say.

War is a waste.
Perhaps women fight one every day.
For the right to be recognized.
For their rights to be recognized.
For the right to live and breathe and be as they please.

War is a waste.
The irony on Earth is that women are both goddesses and grieving.
Empowered with divinity and deprived in reality.
For the Universe’s sake! End it! Change it.

War is a waste.
Give her the humanity she deserves.
Every girl, every woman – every story ever known emanates from her.
Would we really ravage a land and be able to salvage its womanhood?
The weight of the waste falls most heavily on women.
Unburden. Protect. Nurture. Set free.

War is a waste.
Women are the wealth of a land.
What’s lost isn’t returning without them.
Nothing new is coming without them.
Look into their liquid eyes…
What do you see?
Resource, Preservative, Destruction where necessary
And All the Good that nature has to give if they simply roam open and free.


In solidarity with Afghanistan. And every war-torn region on Planet Earth.
For every woman fighting a war every day of her life.


This piece came after research, ideation and editing by Rahul Bhandare, artistic creator of Aazaad and the human repository of ideas on our network.



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