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Women have wondered. Women have starved. Women have lost their minds trying to look the part. However ridiculous and unrealistic and unachievable the framework of that ‘part’ may be. A size. A number on the scale. A percentage of fat. A fold less here. A curve more there. A waistline. A thigh gap. A long neck. A colour of skin. A flawless complexion. A tight bum. The right bust. And there, when you don’t have it, your brain goes bust.

We’ve all dealt with it. And we don’t want to anymore.

We’re chatting with several women from different walks of life, different beautiful body types, we wish you could see them all in person like we can. It certainly has taken us all a while to arrive at the secret: which is to smile at the person you are in the body you’ve been given. And you can’t quite get through this life without being positive about it all.