Cages don’t necessarily confine. With thoughts flowing, we could fly!

Priyanshi Thakkar makes us gaze into this cage a little differently than we otherwise would…

Confinement might be an opportunity for us all to break free. For the birds in our minds to finally take flight.

We had a life and a routine that we don’t anymore.
It’s new and it doesn’t have to feel wrong or restrictive.
We have time to be reflective.

To ask ourselves,
Is this the job we want to have? The life we want to lead? The people we want to be?
What matters? What doesn’t? Is the bullet train that our lives had come to become even a necessity?
Are we being kind enough? To others and ourselves?
Have we valued nature? Admired its persistence and peace?
Have we loved and lived a lot?
Can we respond with grace even when we think we can’t?

We’re here now. And what we do from here is how we use that freedom to be…
Were we freer then? Or are we now?


(The idea, the image and the inspiration for this SURESHOT have come from Priyanshi Thakkar. Her passion is infectious!)



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