Legend has it that you cannot be tired on a Monday.
To my surprise, you totally CAN!

In fact, you can be at your most tired any day of the week, irrespective of how much rest you’ve had the day before.
Tired, like energy, comes in so many forms, durations and in spurts.
You can be tired one hour and energized in the next.
You can be tired for hours and not feel energized until those hours have passed.
You can suddenly find a burst of energy in the midst of your tired and then go back to being tired again.
You can even be too tired to do the laundry but energetic enough to read a book.
(Reading and laundry beg different kinds of energy.)

TIRED is a perfectly unpredictable, independent-minded and inexplicable-beyond-its-word phenomenon.
When you’ve exhausted a lot of those reserves of energy (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) over time, TIRED finds its way into your day without warning. There, in those moments, you have to allow TIRED to stay and do its thing, letting you lounge and delay the laundry and watch some saved-for-later stuff on YouTube or read that book you’ve been promising yourself to or stare out a window and appreciate the view you agreed to look at every day of your life but never did end up pausing to.

TIRED can come to you on a Monday morning and seem really clingy.
Even after a rested Sunday or Saturday before that or a good-for-nothing Friday and a largely, lovely, languid weekend.
It will tell you that it will let you crawl out of bed but not force you to make your bed.
It will tell you that you can put on your running shoes but only to walk in them.
It will tell you that you can open your email inbox but only read and reply to one email.
One foot in front of the other, in slow mo.

Legend may not have had it, but here’s what you need:

“Let TIRED do its thing.
Start slow, crawl out of bed, walk uneasily into wherever you want to go, let the day steady you.”

Waking up to a lot of days – Mondays or others – can be hard. We don’t have to be so hard on ourselves.
TIRED will stay till it thinks you’re restored.
Sometimes, Monday’s too soon to reach that state.

I’d put my money on recovering by Sunday.
Who knows, the Monday after might love the legend.
Or buck the trend. Again.

Let TIRED come and go at will.
Everything else does anyway…


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