Books change our lives the minute we pick them up.
One word in, you’re living in a new reality, a different story and you are the character you choose to be and every other character, all at once.
When you’ve survived a book and internalized it to your heart’s content, it’s worth talking about. It’s probably the only thing worth talking about.
Because what you take away from a book is yours entirely.
Sure, you can keep it to yourself but you can also share it and the love and depth and honesty of it with another soul whose life it may change.



Conversation is connection.
We crave it, we love to talk, we love that someone feels the way we do, we love to disagree and correct and leave a few things said and unsaid, to read between the lines, to pause for effect and take off unexpectedly.
Sometimes, we love to listen. And there is nothing kinder than to.
Listening can incite a bit of a revolution in the mind.
And when someone responds, with an understanding of what you’re saying, when what you’re saying has support and finds home in someone else’s thoughts and words, you’ve found a soulmate, a fellow thinker, a fellow feeler, a mind that matches yours!
And it is as surreal as it is real.



The Blue Crayon we will never have enough of, to colour our skies.
Our hearts don’t know how to lie. It is our faces that sometimes do.
An author once wrote:
“The wonder isn’t that love finds us, as strange and fated and mystical as that is. The wonder is that even when we never find it, even when love waits in the wings of dream too long, even when love doesn’t knock on the door, or leave messages, or put flowers in our hands, so many of us never stop believing in love.”
And may be. Actually, surely, that is what keeps those no-lie hearts free, open and beating.



Its light has a weird bent to pierce your room every morning.
And when you wake up to it moaning, “Again?”
It promptly but warmly tells you, “Again!”
For the days you feel uncomfortable and still show up,
The Sun is above you, behind you and the reason you’re even calling this a day, from start to finish.
With the light that fills our lives with frustration, wonder, fatigue, energy, freshness and perspective, The Sun is our source and life would hardly be itself without it.



Music, books, blankets and beanbags exist for those seemingly endless showers beating down outside your window.
Rain is renewal. It is replenishing and oddly but often, (and for lack of a less literal word) dampening.
Because it allows for reflection.
Reflection, pause and staring blankly at a fluttering leaf in the breeze fills us with the energy we have been drained off for far too long because we didn’t know the value of a moment in quiet observation until now.
As raindrops fall, so will you. And you will rise and get heavy. Once again, you will need to release, let go and free fall.
And you will land on your feet.
Or you will land on someone’s window sill and make them smile. May be that someone is yourself.



All the thinking, all the feeling, in every weather, comes together in a flood at night.
You can lie entangled and awake.
Or you can let it blanket you into sleep and the peace you will eventually find.
The night is mysterious. And just like the day, you never know what it can bring upon or bring out of you.
In every case, it is as bright as it is dark, if you sleep with some belief.
Setting you up to rise to a new life when you will, if you will.





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