The Music of SHOUT!

Our SHOUT! just got amplified with our Official Theme Song.

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Your SHOUT! will find just the right thrust with our Official Stinger.

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At the moment, there’s 7 melodies to go with 20 characte-gories.
These 7 uniquely labelled Theme Songs give the voice of every character a musical identity.
Keep scrolling to know which one complements the voice your favourite character and the stories of your favourite characte-gory.

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The process of creating music is turbulent.
As you would expect.
It is made up of surges and the mandatory ruckus of sounds.
We’re going to attribute it to three words.
Mood. Moment. Mix.
Music is a mix born of mood in the moment.
When you’re making it, you’ve got to know what feeling you’re trying to evoke.
It matters what mood you’re in.
The mood you want others to be in, when they hear it.
You feel something in the moment. It clicks. It works. It’s a melody!
Some instruments work, some don’t, some you don’t quite know if they will.
So, you take some chances, mix it all up, make it sound aligned and alright.
And may be this says exactly what you wanted to like nothing else could.
The Music of SHOUT! comes from a mayhem of minds.
It is the magic spell to go with our wand of words.