The Light Will Be Right Back.

We’re at War with a Virus,

For the very first time in history, we haven’t voluntarily decided to enter it.
It has entered us.
It has just come at us.
A cowardly, unannounced, bolt from the back and blue at our collective health and humanity.

As global citizens, we have a choice to make.
Co-operation or defiance.
The latter is mindless but it won’t be the first mindless thing that humanity has done.

But this is not about you alone.
For once, in the name of God and every beautiful thing in the world,
this is about US.

The night is dark.
Can we keep the candle burning, despite it all?
Can we keep only the light when we’re burning inside?
Can we let the candle be the only thing that’s defiant?
In the face of that darkness?

With a flame from each one of us, we’ll bring the sun back out of its siesta.

None of us could have predicted our new reality.
It has been an uncomfortable but necessary reminder that the only things that matter are the health and wellbeing of us, as a people.
The compassion is flowing and it looks good on us.

Hold on world, the wheel turns soon.
We will get through this, one day at a time.

The night is dark.
But siestas don’t last very long.



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