We will go home one day.
All of us do.
Only after we’ve gone looking for it in our loftiest ambitions.

Ambition is not faraway from home.
It’s just a lot less familiar.
Contrary to what you might expect, it teaches you something about home – in that it is your final destination:
The place you begin and end – the place you seek through everything in between.

Growing up in a city is a more comfortable life but a rather restless existence.
We do not know the Sun, Moon, Stars or Sky.
We haven’t slept under them, in the shade of a tree or with a cool night’s breeze for company.
We rarely ever see them or look for them to ever find them.

We only feel the heat, feel like we’re in a storm, get the chills and turn on an artificial light on a particularly dark night.

The lights come on in a city because we don’t want the day to end.
The lights go out in a village because the day decides its own lighting.

We don’t have to run the show.
We don’t have to miss the day at dawn or dusk.
We don’t have to turn deaf to cosmic alarms.

When the ambition is to dip your face in a river and drink right out of it,
When you want to watch a cow grazing rather than attend to a phone buzzing,

You know you’ll be on your way home.

This is Dhasa.
Home. Ambition. Pause and Play.
The village that teaches us to dream but also sleep.


Nestled in the depths of Gujarat,
Dhasa is where you stop and stare.
And look far beyond.

The Forests of Gujarat lie close-by,
A pride of lions awaits with very keen eyes.
Their form and the forest are vast and serene,
Take flight as you look into the eyes of a majestic beast.

And even in the wilderness,
Wild hearts will find home.


Films aren’t the only place to behold such a bond,
Fathers and Sons of the Forest certainly have a lot going on.

Whilst she stretches herself far out to forage and find,
The Queen sets the standard for all of her kind.

Mama and baby will have a ball,
But they’ll make sure Paa isn’t too left out.

Back in the village,
A calm remains.
Of fields and fancies,
Leading out of little lanes.

Until the cows return,
This is home.
Stop by and stay.
It is where you may call it a day.







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