So, we aren’t sleeping enough.
And we’re concerned about ourselves.
This needs to stop today.


This is where journalists are at (quite possibly, we share this feeling with a lot of you):
Consumed by worry for the world at large, we recognize the need for journalism right now.
There are all these different questions with barely any answers: the state of our economies, the diverse approaches of different countries to a common (seemingly insurmountable) scenario, the efficiency or otherwise of our healthcare, the future of Art and Science and learning, etc.
We think we’re helping people by being constantly purposeful and constantly helpful by offering a diversion, information and entertainment.

How can we be resting when there’s so much going on in the world?!
Well, we have news for us: We can!
Because we can’t fix it all in a day. We can’t fix it by throwing ourselves into a pandemic of fatigue.
This is going to wear us out eventually.

The toxic bubble we’ve built around ourselves hangs about inflated so long as we criminalize rest. And that’s a serious problem.
The result of all the hard work and hard play is that we’re treating our sleep like a neglected child – putting everything else ahead of it.

Rest is not criminal. It is spiritual. And it comes in many forms.
For some, it’s sleep – a nap or a long night’s rest.
For others, it’s a cup of tea.
A break.
A long, hot bath.
A Sun Salutation.
A good conversation.
Sitting in silence.
It’s productive. Because it gives our bodies and brains a chance to process, download and refuel.

So, listen, you are worthy of sleep. Absolutely everyone is.
Napping is not embarrassing.
Break the goddamn stigma.
Take a break.
Break the pattern.
Because no matter how much there is to be done about what matters, shutting your eyes does too.

This is no sprint; it’s a marathon.
And it’s not going to help if we burn out.
One story at a time, one day at a time, after a night’s rest.




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