Pet Story


Picking a pet is a decision that could have graver consequences than you think.

You’re making a choice between shopping and adopting. Between precious pups, abandoned, orphaned and then rescued, awaiting foster care in shelters and pedigree pets bred for profit. Not necessarily in the best of conditions. And continually. Paying little or no heed to their need for affection, often jeopardizing the immunity of their offspring by weaning them far too early only so they may be bred again for another saleable litter.

You’re making a choice between saving a life that already exists and perhaps, encouraging unhealthy breeding practices that are harmful to the mother dog and lead to overpop…err…over-pup-ulation at the risk of puppies growing up with disorders and health issues.

Pups are pups. Thoroughbred or otherwise. Just as cute. Just as deserving of love.

Will you bring home a pup in need or a pup for greed?



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