We finally have a Rant and for once, it’s conclusive!


The pandemic has changed who we are, how we see ourselves and how we will live our lives (or so we hope).

We can do things with less than we think.

We can find alternatives to things we know we cannot use or have.

It is possible to be sustainable. For we belong to nature; it does not belong to us. And we would do well to leave it alone every now and then. Like us, it needs its space.

We can take our time with things. The rat race is for rats. (Drat, we didn’t know that all along!). You can look out the window, watching a bird build its nest on a tree and stare at a wall, blank in the head or attempting to answer every existential question that has ever vexed you, for as many hours as you need to.

Gender equality is at the heart of everything. Both woman and man make a home, together or independently. Share the load and the home, if you do and will. Including cleaning it, cooking, raising the kids, fixing the leaking faucet in it and taking the trash out of it.

Prejudices are for cowards and the enemies of humanity. Let’s get rid of them; throw them out with the trash.

What has affected one could affect us all. We are not islands even though we live on them. Show some goddamn empathy.

We are human. We are just as fragile and fearful as we are strong and resilient. We live in uncertainty every minute of every day. It is the common denominator that binds us all. And each one of us matters.

Tabula Rasa, anyone?

(Rahul Bhandare made the Art and the Rant happen. In his mind and with his fingers. This isn’t the first time we’ve looked to him for inspiration. You’ll find his work all over SHOUT!)




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