Our World in 2020

We’re not equipped to foretell the world in 2020 but we have built our own. And it will expand to the magic number that’s our current collective fuss terminus: 20!

Our spectrum of 18 characte-gories will have 2 more dimensions added to it before we know it! This, provided our Art team hasn’t farted all over its 560th draft of character illustrations and unceremoniously trashed it. Can’t argue with artists. Especially ours, given how exasperatingly good they are. We’ve gifted them a bottle of Triple Sec – a bittersweet treat to tip them over to an approval of their own work for they may not do the same sober. Bitter for them. Sweet for us – seeing the 20 ensemble is half of what we’re looking forward to in 2020.


Because the current lot wishes to take fuller possession of the reality of their fictitious lives, they will continue to tell their stories which we will all come to realize are somewhere, our own. Here’s what each of the 18 are on the road to:


As The Overcooked Entrepreneurs, Vicky and Arya, find a space for themselves in food services, they will question whether being environmentally conscious is economically viable. How does a start-up restaurant feed people and itself and feed off less of the environment?


As a Spaced Out Aazaad navigates the immensity of space, he’ll have a lot more to say about our smallness in comparison to celestial bodies and yet our significance in matters of technological disruption. Can we save ourselves from a tech take–over? Do we need to?


We’ll go off fighting crusade after crusade with our Campaign Supernova. For, if we don’t give a forest fire attention, it will burn the whole world to the ground.


On The Long Drive Home with Oni and Safia, we’ll get into heated debates which probably finish with chilled Beers cheering in consensus (or not) about religion, humanity, conundrums that crop up daily. Conversation is how we move forward. We may as well have more.


The Art Huntress treasures the Art she knows and the Arts she will find. Do they become a prayer? Or can she remain detached from their divinity by simply looking at them as disciplines? Art involves undivided immersion; scrupulous surrender. Then again, she will discover that it is almost always worth it.


Savi has moved out of his jungle into another one – the city. It is more feral and less desirable. It’s time to look at The Blynd Spot. It’s time for a lion to tell his tale of the hunt, as one of the hunted. Only this one is not a retrospective view; it is everything we’re blind to in the here and now.


Nala and Jabir are always one decision away from resolving dilemmas that plague the minds of parents, householders, labourers. The Homemaker traces the territories of abortion, adoption, spending, expansion and savings. The fruits they find aren’t always sweet but coming home to a reassuring dialogue is a good antidote to every lemon life gives them.


Argus, The Jungle Gypsy meets more than just the wild world to save it. He writes extensively on conservation efforts across the Earth. For land, animals and people. If these notes don’t strike a chord, the music of the forest will be lost on us.


George learns to gorge less; eat, sleep, think right. The Toxin meets the many maladies we battle as a people and fights some off himself. Gradually, he comes to like the shape of his body and mind. He might even help restore health in those to whom it can return.


Kari makes a stronger statement, in style, for gender equality. Her clothes come with a confidence born out of struggle and sass. They will find ways to make fashion inclusive, revolutionary and every bit sublime. The Transition looks for ways to have more by being good to your surroundings and look neat whilst you’re at it.


Kagan unravels the inimitability of many more constructions in our Treasure Trove. Creation is a gift and we’ll find we’ve given ourselves many. While we gawk at them, we’ll also leave some part of our hearts behind.


X restores her faith in education. After many letter exchanges and many lessons learned from Prof. Gyaan, she might even spark A Revolution in Letters. Transform seems to be the keyword. It’s what current systems must undergo. The ‘how’ shall be figured out. Or has it been, already? Well, open sesame!


Kiza is on her way. A route has been mapped. And every day she comes upon jewels every bit worth tucking away into A Wanderer’s Journal. Her diary entries are a tribute to the magical, meaningful and yet bewildering world we inhabit.


Solomon Naidu still reports from the courtroom through Recess. The Law doesn’t get any easier but it sure gives him a lot to dismiss and delineate so that we may discuss it. For once, we might not allow it to fool us.


The Storyteller hypnotizes with the diversity of genres she explores within the realm of mythology. These carefully picked and unconventionally interpreted legends are relevant and told with a charm that only grannies possess. Ours entrances, whilst giving us enough to believe in the inextricable connection and parallels between humanity and divinity.


Sukanya will have her share of trials and inspiration. The Broke Athlete gets a step closer to dreams she is yet to discover. And then, she leaps.


An Emissary From The Past is captivated by the history of the Indian subcontinent. Snowed under a heap of hardcovers, the delusional and dramatic Prof. Sahai will be a monarch, a monk, a messenger and a messiah. And we will firmly hope that some of these histories recur.


Without a shadow of doubt, we continue to rant on The Rant. Only then will nothing be lost in the shadows. If you’re looking for the most entertaining necessity of our times, we’ve filled that gap with so much yak!



Storm in like a SHOUT!

Our world will keep it up.


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