SHOUT!, a network that tells stories, is seven months into its own. A seven-month old baby
has two principal challenges – finding its feet to stand upright and finding a voice to speak words that aren’t gibberish. But why does it want to stand and speak? How will her voice and her stand be different from the billion other babies and grown-ups ranting and hankering for attention? More importantly, why would anyone want to read her lips, take her stance or listen to her?

We’ve (our brain-softened yet hopeful team) sat around a table for weeks, spamming and
cramming our heads with journals and explanations and journalistic exemplars that inspire
and intimidate in equal measure, running by rivers and parks and other water bodies in
pseudo-contemplation, junking our bodies with crisps and every sugary, bread-y, fried
concoction available to the human race, in a bid to unlock the-Sherlock Holmes-style-
inscrutable mystery of the “why”. Why are we here? Why are you here, visiting us? Giving us your most invaluable asset – Time.

Many no-laundry, no-shower, sore-eye days and sleepless nights later, our in-house zombie
epiphany has revealed that we are in fact a “why” in progress. A baby coming into her own.
Nevertheless, she has to know her “why” is her beacon. Her purpose. If she just wants to tell meaningful stories, she requires an objective listener. Just as curious. Just as perceptive. That builds a golden thread. A network. A connection with a community that questions and answers and reads and listens and senses and opines. It converses.

We speak with you. We feel as you do. We become you. And then you’re telling your story,
through us. This is the art of empathy. This is the art SHOUT! is about. Art has no rule book. It has no boundaries. It has no limitations to innovation. To our aspiration. In breaking away from conventional approaches to journalism, we yearn for the ability to see the world through another person’s perspective. We want to understand that person and her perspective. We want to physically and emotionally experience her emotions as she finds herself in a particular situation. She could be you. You could be her. In each of our expressions, we have become that person, in that space.

To a baby, fresh and free and fair, everything matters. We’re a platform for everything that
matters. To us, to you, to the world at large. And there really is no other agenda. We’re
curious about something. We’re genuinely interested. We’re underway. We want to
understanding something. We’ve immersed ourselves. That’s empathy in entirety.

All of a sudden, when the final packet of Oreos is torn open, many babies rise up in rebellionfor a right to their last bite before embarking on the same journey, albeit replenished and quite sure of “why” they’re making it.

Our mission is to tell stories that make you come alive.

The SHOUT! Network was created to tell stories. Stories have the ability to engage. To
inspire. To evoke empathy. To entertain. To build an awareness of self and its corresponding
relationship with the world. And when all is said and done and gone, stories endure. We
want you to have them. To feel them. To find yourselves in them. Because you’re already
living one. Join us on this journey as we retell our reality, one story at a time.



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