Note Six

Kanha Tiger Reserve,
Madhya Pradesh,
May, 2005

The very teeth of a tigress holding her cub tenderly are the same that ferociously devour her prey. I saw a mother put the same set of teeth to both uses today.


She brought her young to the corpse of a Gaur, the Indian Bison. Placed her down tenderly beside the kill. And when the kitty began to nibble at her game, bore her incisors savagely into the meat.

Make no mistake! A mother, no matter what breed, is as kind as she is fierce; as gentle as she is powerful; as loving as she is relentless, to raise her child right.

I want to cry out to the little one, “Look at your Mama Tigress, watch her closely. Let her awaken your feral nature, your fiery beauty and your unbridled strength so you can rise up and be the courageous woman you’re meant to be.”

Those teeth. The ones that love and tear. With tantamount intensity.

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