No, don’t pour me a drink.

We hope we’re arriving at a world where it isn’t necessary or expected to have a drink in your hand when you strike a deal or strike a pose or when you’re simply socializing.

We are supposed to be a generation that’s widely accepting of a range of choices. Why then are we still asking, “Why don’t you drink?”
If we can open our arms to veganism, vegetarianism, diets of every bizarre kind, different sexual identities, peculiar professions, why won’t we take a teetotaler ?
Is the consumption of alcohol so vital to strengthening and lengthening human connections?

Not drinking simply cannot be socially unacceptable.
We don’t want anyone changing who they are to make friends or seem cool. Their version of fun is probably different from a drink.

When we get that or get upto something really good,
May be we can find ourselves in a bar, on a weekend, with a cup of anything that keeps us going and it won’t raise any eyeballs from the barman or peers.

For those of you that do want a drink poured out, we tried to make this Rant as long as a Short. Drink up! And then, drink this in!

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