(This piece is the fourth in a series titled “Freedom” on the network.)

Hey Prof. G,

How much everything was made out to be Black or White is actually making me pretty Red.
I don’t get it Prof G. We didn’t go to school to be lied to.
Moreover, we didn’t go to school to be denied details that we should have rightfully been let in on.

Sure, it must be hard – awkward even – approaching sensitive issues inside a classroom.
But school is meant to stimulate thought, our teachers are meant to ask tough questions, the objective of being in a classroom with different minds is to gather varying perspectives on the very same subject.

And among many other “taboo” and “inappropriate” discussion, Sex Work, was put off limits.

As the narrative opens up to me, I am compelled to ask:

Why was this kept from our curriculum?
Why was it eliminated from the professions we were made aware of?
What were the convenors of our education systems thinking when they chose to keep us from the intricacies of the trade, the mentality of its practitioners and above all from ourselves – our own nuanced, better informed outlooks?

Sex Work is work. Primarily, that’s where they could have made a start. And so too, we.

Instead, we were taught to judge. We were told it was immoral. We were taught to pull to pieces those that turned to it.

Morals are convenient things – appearing when we will them into view.
It would’ve been enough for us to be taught to be good, honest, uncomplicated, realistic, rational, open beings.

Instead, our minds were filled with dread and scorn and apathy – none of which the world needs more of; none of which would help us grow into complete, confident, compassionate beings; none of which education is meant to instil in the mind of a child.

Is there an explanation? There must be.

Or can we agree that who a woman does or does not sleep around with, professionally or otherwise, is entirely, only and quite literally her business!?
Just so all the forced and fake morality can go out of business for the better.

One more generation inducted into this sort of retrograde irrationality and we’re done for…


As warmly as is possible after a tirade,



(Thank you Rahul Bhandare for ushering the “FREEDOM” series into this characte-gory!)



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