For understanding and explaining my unschooling in the previous letter, I could never be more grateful and at peace. For many moments, at SHARANA, in its SHARANA, I saw just how unschooled I was. So unschooled that I could and wanted to be schooled everywhere I went. There are worlds and lives that I have been sheltered from my whole life. This shelter has revealed some of them to me. It made me wonder just how educated, exposed and aware I have been. A little less than I should be, I must admit.

Having shelter is a privilege that not many have. In simple words, the makers of this shelter have turned tragedy into triumph.

I heard a boy (now a man) called Swamy, a product of this noble and necessary institution, tell his story to motivate peers, juniors and observers like me:

“My parents ironed clothes to send me to school. They dreamt that I wouldn’t. A lot of my childhood was spent collecting creased and delivering ironed clothes. When I turned 11, I was supported by SHARANA. I was schooled by them and I used that privilege to shine as best as I could. I’m 20 and still benefitting from their continued support and education. One day, my family may have a laundry. If I persist, we’ll have many! Or I may find another path and get someone else to do my laundry!”

Education is nurturing and confidence-inducing. So is having a shelter. It’s an incubator for the brightest, sweetest, most optimistic ideas. I wanted to tell Swamy that his laundry may as well iron out a cape. He’ll need it to complement the superhero he was destined to be.

At SHARANA you have it all under one roof!


How does one leave here, Professor?! But then again, if I don’t, I will not learn, out of my shelter, into another one.





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