Hey You! Yes, You!

Hey You!
Yes, You!

To the women that know being a woman isn’t easy,
To the women that seem to be under constant storm clouds,
To the women that feel invisible,
To the women that don’t know how much longer they can hold on,
To the women that have lost faith,
To the women that always blame themselves for everything that goes wrong,
To the women with hearts big enough to house suitcases full of pain,
To the women with laughs so therapeutic they can heal wounds,
To the women with passion fierce enough to start wildfires,
To the women that woke up and got out of bed today,

To you,

You are incredible.
You matter.
You make this world a little, a lot, a lottle more wonderful.
You have so much potential and so many things left to do.
It’s not your fault.
You scare people that know they can’t tame or understand you.
You owe yourself an apology for all the guff you let slide and all the guff you chose to deal with and accept.
You are different. You are weird. That is your strength.
You’re done with trying to figure out who’s with you, who’s against you, or walking down the middle because they don’t have the guts to pick a side.
You’re done with anything that doesn’t bring you peace.
You don’t leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.
You compete with no one and no one competes with you.
You have time.
Better things are coming your way.
So, please hang in there.
You can do it.
You deserve the world. And you’re going to give it to yourself.
Today is your day to decide:
Every day is your day.
Believe in the woman you are striving to become.



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