We made the dreadful decision to watch “Caliphate”.
The nightmares haven’t ceased since long after the season did.
Ironically, horrific as it was, this wasn’t a horror show.
It was real, bloody, gory, horrible, hardy, pathetic, abusive, nearly helpless living that becomes the lot of the innocent and impressionable and correspondingly those fighting the monsters responsible for it.

The nightmares are so potent and prolonged only because it isn’t hard to believe you could be one of those targets, wrongly framed, abducted or taken in – a life overturned in the flicker of a second.
And even when you’re fighting the ridiculousness of it, you end up in a living hell.

Dreadful as the decision was,
Deadly as this show is,
It is an important watch.
Because all that bad stuff is happening. For real.
And no small percentage of us should be the only ones aware of or suffering it. For real.

What’s happening is a disgrace.
We should be ashamed that our women are fooled or forced into such lives,
We should be ashamed that our men aspire to a foolish and false sense of honour,
We should be concerned that our forces are fighting with their lives to save them, to bring them back from the brink and going to the brink themselves, in the bargain.
This is not religion. This is not even remotely about religion.
It is not what “was ordained” or expected of human beings.
It is not where the world should be headed.

We urge you to invite these nightmares.
We urge you to suffer them.
So that the suffering ends somewhere.
We can’t solve this with apathy.
We can’t solve this without seeing the nightmare.
It’s real.




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