We don’t want to add to the cache of “keeping up with/life after COVID” advice building up in your pantry but we do have something you could recite when you’re taking out the trash or cleaning up the cobwebs on the ceiling fan or simply staring at a wall.

This is a prayer pinned up at an Old English Inn.

If you aren’t quite into praying, well, get some beer, add some cheer and make some music by mixing your favourite melody into this!
Alas, if you aren’t into beer, do it with some sparkling water.
For we aren’t sure the Old English Inn will let you in unless you’re willing to bubble the blues away…


Give us, Lord, a bit o’ sun,
A bit o’ work, and a bit o’ fun;
Give us all in the struggle and splutter,
Our daily bread and a bit o’ butter.

Give us, Lord, a chance to be
Our goodly best, brave, wise, and free,
Our goodly best for ourselves and others,
Till all men learn to live as brothers.

(Feminists must replace the last line as follows: “Till all women learn to live as sisters”.)
Got to be politically correct whether drunk or in prayer! Aren’t we sharing the load with household chores anyway?! From discarding the trash to those cobwebs in the ceiling fan, we do hope we’re staring at that wall – dividing gender roles thus far – to break it down.
(And…that’s how you insert a perfectly socio-political statement into a pleasantly pale evening at the pub.)

Sing your prayer. Have your peace. And then, another beer!


The SHOUT! Network,
From An Old English Inn.



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