Wisdom comes with age and a lot of ice cream. At the end of a really good meal, when you sit with a cup or cone or tub, a little spoonful spreading and melting on your tongue, the cold, all chewed over and swallowed can truly be settling. The flavours, just as crucial in life, make it happen. You find an answer, perhaps in a burp and you realize how it doesn’t always have to be warm or hot to touch the right chord.

What’s in it for you? 
Milk made magical, some options without.
A smattering of mint.
A chunk of chocolate.
A dollop of caramel.
A dash of coffee.
A torrent of vanilla.
Smashed and syrupy fruit.
Nuts of all sorts.
“Positivity”….err…who said that?!

Ayesha did. She dropped by with a tub of goodness. I’ve been wanting to ‘Philosoph-ice’ with one of her creations. It always happens in those random moments. Ice-cream was made for these! We sit with some inspiration in a tub and she tells me what I’m eating and how it came to be.

“Every flavour is a philosopher. And while the feeling is his theory, it really is all about brightening up your day. That’s the plain purpose of ice-cream and contrary to popular belief, philosophy. It’s meant to make our lives happier as we understand it better!”

We’re devouring her coffee-brownie creation named “Kierkegaard”, her first flavour and perhaps, her first love as I have come to understand. As I chance upon the bits of brownie made by the chef herself, I finally know why “life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced!” And he’s still the most preferred by ‘Philosoph-ice’rs (loyal customers since she began a couple of years ago).

Her involvement in the process of creation is noteworthy and necessary all the same. “I just wanted to make something rich and creamy and home-made, something a little more organic, a little more authentic than just milk and excessive sugar and additives and eggs and a lot of other things that don’t sync with people’s dietary requirements.”

When I ask if she’d make me something seasonal or with a bit more praline, “Yes! Of course I would. But I prefer to customize when I’ve had a phase of research. I would only introduce a flavour when I’ve given myself enough time to innovate and experiment.” I’m chuffed to know there’s every possibility chunks of strawberry or mango or dark chocolate go right into the next scoops I chow down.

There is an ethical concern she’s trying to sail across – where the milk comes from, how many are harmed in the process, is she keeping up with customer choices and sensitivities? Well, you’re taking the milk out of ice-cream. It’s a process. It’s a very different philosophy. I want to let her mull over it, over one of her own tubs, of course. Perhaps Soren will have the answer!


Ayesha Mehra makes magic real with some very comforting Philosoph-Ice. Feed yourself full and get a fuller view of life!




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