It is the plight of every night. Should we sleep or chase our dreams lying awake?
How far can you take your owl act anyway?!




I think it’s really important to be ambitious in life but what matters even more is eight hours of sleep because ambition cannot be achieved without sleeping well.
It’s simple – Sleep is a basic physiological need for humans and we must respect our body by giving it the love and rest it deserves by sleeping for 8 hours. If you burn the midnight oil, you will most likely experience a burnout after a few days, weeks or months, depending on your capacity. Maybe the joy of working towards your passion will keep you going throughout the day and most of the night, but eventually it will get extremely difficult to achieve what you set out for in the first place.
So I would say, it’s good to be ambitious but it’s even better if you sleep for eight hours and work towards your ambition in the remaining 16 hours. The key to success is always balance.
– Kinjal Barchha

Depriving oneself of sleep till an ambition is fulfilled is a way of negative reinforcement which is not always healthy and this lifestyle might lack balance.
I believe a person is happier forgoing his/her sleep for something that he/she is passionate about rather than just ambitious about. I may really want to pass an exam because I am ambitious but if I lack the passion for the subject, I’m likely to lose out on the sleep and that goal. Ambition is setting a goal, a pre-planned outcome, something that defines only one outcome to provide you happiness. Passion is when you can be up all night working on something that you are so passionate about that the end result is not what drives you, the process does.
– Nikita Mathur

What sleep?
– Amit Kaikini

No, health is more important than ambition.
Lack of Sleep Slows Down Your Mind.
We must sleep 8 hours to feel fresh; to concentrate.
If our health is good we can focus on our ambition.
– Shivani Adhangle

Ambition is important. While it is important to have goals, each individual needs to set themselves their own goals. It can also be someone’s ambition to sleep 8 hours peacefully every night.
Personally, if I can sleep 7 hours every night and accomplish my ambitions, I’d regard myself as a successful individual.
– Mihir Zatakia

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. In fact, I’d go as far as to say – if 8 hours of sleep takes priority over ambition, the ambition isn’t big enough. Ambition for some could be to one day sleep for 8 hours without worrying about tomorrow. For others, serving the community and ensuring the community gets 8 hours of sleep is a bigger cause to work for. And what you’ll also find is once you’re fully invested in your goal – you will ensure that you get the rest you need to be most efficient – because now you’ve raised the stakes of failure. So for those that only want 8 hours of sleep – raise the stakes, be more relevant in your job and your community.
– Batman
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