Nala: Have you thought this through? Do you really think we can do without the TV for a month?

Jabir: There’s no other way, Nala. Kadir’s been looking forward to this picnic for months and I can’t think of anything else we could forego.

Nala: But, Kaia – she won’t eat a thing without her favourite cartoon playing. This won’t go down well with her. You know that.

Jabir: Haha! I do! Literally nothing will go down her throat.

Nala: Hmmm….

Jabir: I could take her over to Suleiman’s next door. Surely he’ll have a cable connection. Kaia can eat her meals there.

Nala: No, it’s not fair to do that. I wouldn’t freeload.

Jabir: Well…I’ll tell her stories, while I feed her, Nala. We’ll find a way to work around this.

Nala: Can’t we cut out the chicken instead? Or at least cut back on it?

Jabir: I wouldn’t. I’d want us all to stick with balanced meals, as far as we can. Healthy body, healthy mind, remember?

Nala: Yeah. And the babies need all the energy they can get. Growing kids…

Jabir: Hey! Growing parents too! It’s like we’re going to war every day!

Nala: Hahaha!

Jabir: Trust me, the hustle and bustle at home is no less than what you have downtown.

Nala: I don’t doubt that for a second.

Jabir: Kadir’s going to be thrilled to hear he gets to go on his picnic…

Nala: Sure he will! But we should let him know what his sister won’t have as a result. Not to make him feel sorry or regretful for wanting what he does…but just…just

Jabir: Just so he always always always looks out for her.

Nala: Exactly!

Jabir: They’ll be a team Nala. They’ll always be a team, I promise.

Nala: I promise they will too!




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