Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Just so you know.
We aren’t asleep.
In fact, we’re wide awake, trying hard to figure out how to write anything that’s worth your time.

It also better be worth our seemingly incessant insomnia, conscious overthinking and a near nervous breakdown resulting from a chronic obsession to come up with the perfect description of something fairly simple.

There’s just so much nonsense and so much beauty and so much in between in the world that it’s hard to find the words to put it all down together at once. And then again, we will always be at risk of saying too much or too little. (The former. Always the former.)

Truth is, you can’t SHOUT! without words.
Profound! We know. (eye-roll, eye-roll, eye-roll and wait for it…hip-roll)
And so, we’re letting our deepest thoughts run wild, creating conversations in our heads from conversations we’ve had with you, combing out the knots in our hair for our minds to untwist and explain what was hitherto unexplained.

Words don’t always come easy. They almost never do. But when they do, we feast on their ability to satiate us. A situation stands rationalized. A question is asked. A question lies answered. A view is expressed. A moment is frozen in time. A lump in your throat is released.
And that’s why it matters to SHOUT!
For everything that matters.

Bear with us. Stay with us. Words work. And we’re working to put them across.

Heavy-eyed but
Ever Yours and Loud,


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