Can We All Be One?

We’ve turned one.
And we can’t help asking if we can all BE ONE?
Surely it’s possible.

Can we be loud about the things that matter?
Can we just say it so that one day, a hundred years from now, no one has to wonder where in history we lost our voice?

And even while we’ve said it all, we’ve tried to not simply have an opinion.
Opinions that require no accountability, no understanding, no empathy.
Knowledge is almost nothing without empathy.
Sharing it is vain without empathy.
It requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world.
You can’t SHOUT! without that profound purpose.
You can’t be ONE without empathy.
You can’t be one amongst many.
You can’t be one with all.

SHOUT! was born a year ago to make us all come alive.
Being a child is special.
Just for that reason, we want to make this about our children.
About being just like them – true, bold and impossibly optimistic.
We have a duty to perform towards these soon-to-be guardians of empathy.

Of helping them become more like themselves instead of more like everyone else.
Of not going berserk when they break our favourite vase. Because everything that’s broken can be fixed.
Of embracing them each morning to put them back together or shoot them into their next enchanting adventure.
Of handling ourselves with grace and restraint in a complex situation.
Of sitting and talking with them.
Of really looking at what they show us.
Of taking an interest in what they say.

Now, wait a minute, wouldn’t we all like that?
To have a voice that heals; that speaks for us; that draws strength on rough days; that takes us on a journey; that makes memories of experiences.
To have an ear that listens.
Because when you look within, you’re a kid inside.
You’re ONE.
And we are all ONE.
For everything that matters.
It’s the only way to be.
It’s the only way to SHOUT!


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