(Furthered in light of the global lockdown)

While we sit in the comfort of our homes, our strays are starving.

Bones stick out from bodies that can barely manage a hungry bark,
‘Moo’s and ‘Meow’s are melancholic melodies,
The purring is now jarring.

Quarantine is probably saving us, but it’s starving them. Because regular feeders have locked themselves up.



If you haven’t spared a thought for the strays, you should.

When you have, it’s time to go save them.
Will you find a way to feed at least a few, without being a public enemy – crowding, crowing, encouraging mass violations of quarantine under the cover of this small but significant contribution? We don’t have to make a production of everything. Just provide, what you can, when you can.
Perhaps, when you step out for your own provisions.
You know you can begin with your neighbourhood so you don’t have to travel too far to be a saviour.
And if you’re still too “fraidy” to feed (“apprehensive to step out” might be more fitting), will you find out who isn’t and support them as you please?

We’re going astray.
Our strays can put us back on track,
If we look for the humanity hiding within us.

Everything in nature should feel loved and safe and cared for.
If this crisis hasn’t taught us that, then we’ll come out as hollow, as awry as we went in.

(This campaign was inspired by our Legal Captain, Niyati Davawala. She made us feel like we should feel for this.)



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