Even the bad guys in the movies always buckle on their seatbelts before they attempt a high-speed, drunk on adrenaline escape from the cops.

If the villains wear it, it must be cool.

But there are times when we don’t really want to be cool…err…safe…err…smart.
And you could probably get away with not wearing your seatbelt today.

But what if everyone in the world suddenly stopped wearing their seatbelts today?
That’s the collective risk of a billion.

A small risk for one could result in a mass tragedy for all.

Your little risk perfectly validates rejection from all.
Because this is one social norm we’re proud of.

Bottom line:
Belt up. Or feel guilty. Uncool. Quite the fool.
Then again, when the scary thing happens – that thing where you become a statistic, your head and heart could just have stopped working for you to feel so.



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