Are You Deep Enough?

To everyone who’s subscribed to The SHOUT! Network,

For giving us a chance.
For supporting quirky journalism.
For keeping us going.

More importantly,
For being a part of us.
You are The SHOUT! Network.
And the sooner readers, listeners, receivers of journalism realize that, the better an ailing, undervalued, overworked but incredibly creative community is going to feel.

SHOUT! is not an easy read nor an easy listen.
We know.
It takes time, patience and depth.
All of which we also know are rare and receding dynamics in an increasingly distracted world.
To find all these factors, altogether, in those we write for and speak to, is another rarity.

Even so, SHOUT! does not yield.
Nothing that’s beautiful should.
Because the world needs more beauty, more depth, more empathy in it.
We don’t plan on going easy on you.
We plan on giving you more to look within and around, with an understanding.
The SHOUT! Network is why journalism was born – to give, with creativity, clarity and compassion.
The question is,

Are you deep enough to receive it?

One click will say it all.
Subscriptions for Year Two are now open.
Find the time and come alive. Our stories await…

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