A Festive Feast of Fun

Although you will never need a festival to take a break.
Now that we have one, take it.
Switch on the lights. Add some sparkle.
Splash some colour. A lot of it. Throw some of it on yourself.
Eat your heart out. The good and healthy, the not-so-healthy but irresistible. Everything delicious.
Hug your family. Hang with them.
Laugh with friends.
Have all the fun you can. Because you need to. Because you can.
Because fun is the opposite of stress and struggle and sympathy – all of which we can do without every now and then.

There are pressures, we know:
Deadlines. Angry bosses. Competitive “colleagues”. Ambition. Social Media.
What we also know is that most of us share them.
They can make you feel like you can’t take time off.
That you need to work on days that the world doesn’t.
And then, you need to tell the world you’re working on days that it doesn’t.
That you need to rub it into everyone’s happy face that you’re the miserable one.
Guess what? You’re still the miserable one.
Because you’ve postponed the fun to almost never.

In between goals, is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.
Use the festive season to reclaim your life. Because it’s yours.
To have your fun. Because that’s yours too.
To take a break. Before you reach breaking point.


Smell a flower.
Run in a field. Feel the wind in your hair.
Play a game. Really get into it. Like your life depends on it.
Nap a lot. Nap a little.
Relish the tasty treats you put into your mouth.
The secret to being loved is to love.
The secret to being interesting is to be interested.
The secret to having a friend is being a friend.
Learn from a child how to be one. Curious. Dreamy. Unabashed. Happy for no reason whatsoever.
The work can wait for you to be doing great.
With the celebrations, go hard and for god’s sake, don’t go home!

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