These things can be difficult for a child. The same routine.
Early mornings;
Wake yourself up;
Shake off the sleep;
Dress for training;
Prepare for the day ahead;
Wash the grime off your clothes;
Sweat in them all over again and repeat the washing part;
Endure punishments for any slip ups (they usually involved running);
Tend to your shoes and every other belonging;
Push push push to study even if it’s the last thing you want to do;
Eat right (without persuasion; without sweet-talk; without someone sweetening up what you’re putting in your mouth);
Sleep tight with no one to kiss you goodnight – to literally force yourself to bed, else you’d had it from a giant (everyone at that age seems like a giant) warden;
And of course, to be woken up by a raucous alarm bell followed by the stern, unsympathetic voices of the very same matrons and wardens;
And to repeat the whole cycle. All over again.



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